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I feel more like a friend than a patient at Fleur Dentistry. When I check in for appointments, I’m always greeted by name and asked about my family. As I have grown older, my lower teeth had begun to shift & I was quickly becoming embarrassed to smile. Dr. Kearns introduced INVISALIGN to me. After a painless, 10 month process my teeth are now straight again. I then completed the at-home tooth whitening procedure & now LOVE MY SMILE along with the tons of compliments I get!


Fleur Dentistry--Go There! That’s what we would say to someone looking for a new dental office. The overall friendliness & total professionalism of the entire staff is obvious from the minute you walk in the door. They use all the newest procedures with gentleness and concern. We’ve heard nothing but compliments about Dr. Kearns from other patients and professionals. We are totally satisfied!

Walt and Jean

The cleanliness of the office is the very first thing I noticed about the office. The great staff and Doctors are terrific too! Fleur Dentistry is #1 in my book! I have VERY sensitive teeth & they help keep me comfortable by never spraying water directly on my teeth. I had a fear of the dentist when I was a child but coming to Fleur Dentistry has helped me overcome that fear. The Doctors & staff explain everything they are doing in detail while being very gentle & kind.


One of the best investments I’ve made on myself was whitening my teeth with Fleur Dentistry. The procedure was done quite a while ago, but the results are still obvious and the compliments continue to come my way. I never hesitate to tell people they need to go to Fleur Dentistry. The Doctors and staff are all dedicated to providing exemplary customer service. The contemporary setting of the office is nice & I actually ENJOY going to the dentist!!


I always mention Fleur Dentistry to anyone who approaches me about getting a new dentist. Our family has been extremely pleased with the office. They have music and T.V. for the kids and adults to help put us at ease when we have treatment. Everyone at the office is very friendly and intelligent, they always explain things well and they are great with kids.


Thank you Fleur Dentistry for restoring my smile!! I thought I had lost the smile that many people had admired, but, since my recent treatment, I like to smile again, and most of all, I feel like smiling again!! I have always had a low tolerance for pain, but everyone at their office is very tolerant & considerate of this. They inquire about your comfort level to assure you that they really care about you and your treatment. I actually look forward to my dental appointments & feel good when I leave the office!



The Doctors and staff are all friendly and very knowledgeable at Fleur Dentistry. I appreciate the promptness of being called back on time for my appointments. I also really like how everyone explains what treatment I am having done to make me feel more comfortable.


My family and I have been seeing Dr. Kearns for years and we all trust him. He and his staff are always able to put me at ease with their friendliness and conversation. Before INVISALIGN, I was always self-conscious of my teeth. Since I have completed my INVISALIGN treatment, I can now say that I have confidence in my smile!!


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